15 March 2010

See Avenue Q

"Entertainment" item number six is to see Avenue Q. I did, on August 11, 2009. Here's part of the LiveJournal entry I wrote about it:

Once again, we made it to the station with more than enough time to spare, and our train was late. But that was fine! Froda described the Hudson station as "super-cute!" and the benches were nowhere near as uncomfortable as the chairs in the Boston station. It was about an hour late and, frankly, that was fine with me because it meant that we got into the city right about at our hotel's check-in time, so we didn't have to wait around or have them hold our bags or anything.

Unfortunately, the foot that I hurt last year when I was in Lincoln decided that it had done more than enough work in the past week or so, and it gave up on me. Everywhere we needed to be was within, like ... a four-block radius. But I couldn't walk it. Cabs had to be hailed and I had to hobble to them and climb into them using the straps attached to the partitions. I felt like such a fucking loser. :(

I took a short nap when we got there. We ordered dinner delivered to our room (spinach ravioli for me, baked ziti for Froda) and watched a couple of episodes of Bones while we ate. (Dangerous, I know.) Then we headed for the John Golden Theatre to see Avenue Q.

OMG, guys. It was amazing. I love Avenue Q, and I have since the very first time I heard a song from it, so I knew I was going to have a great time. But it's just so much better in person! Normally when I watch a movie or a play, having more than one or two people around me gets on my nerves. I don't usually like other people's reactions to influence me. But since I already know Avenue Q so well, I already knew how I felt about everything, and I got to really enjoy those other people's reactions. I mean, the guy sitting next to me didn't even know what it was about before he got there! I really loved the laughter the first time a puppet said "fuck" and the first-timers started to understand what they'd gotten themselves into. :D It was just really, really fantastic.

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